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Key Concepts of Social Media

1- Consistently produce on-brand content that appeals to target audience. As a businesses, it is key to consistently create content that appeals to their consumers in order to keep their interest and to reel in new customers. It must be fresh, informative to their audience and appealing. This is in order to keep the brand […]

Citizen Journalism – Impact of Lockdown on Average Person’s Mental Health

The year of 2020 will be one to remember – but not in the roaring 20’s way one might have hoped. The Covid-19 pandemic effecting everyone worldwide was one that raised concerns – not only for physical health, but mental health, too. The negative effect of lockdown – the period in which one had to […]

Mi Wadi Media Campaign

Strength one: A strength of my social media campaign is how the brand is well-known to an Irish household. As MiWadi has already established themselves over the years outside of social media, the name and brand itself is not something that needs to be put out there through social media presence alone. The household favorite […]

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