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Blog Task

Positives of comment sections: Gives a raw and honest view of the general public regarding news stories, without the “filter” of the media Validates the reader’s opinion for them if they did not feel validated already. Strength in numbers makes their opinion feel more powerful. A chance to engage with those who feel similar to […]

blog task

YouTube has had a positive impact on journalism, particularly in the sense of citizen journalism. With a platform like this, it is easy for an aspiring journalist to sit down and produce content that suits them and their style. An example of this is Eleanor Neale, a true crime content producer, who uploads herself speaking […]

Blog Task

Discuss the professional, social, and practical contexts of journalism, through historical and contemporary precedents. Discuss the development of online video journalism. In 1994, The Daily Telegraph became the first news provider to go digital. In 1998, the Drudge Report released the first big scoop online with a story on Monica Lewinsky. In 1999, a software called Blogger was released […]

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