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Analysis of collaborative process, focus on challenges and benefits

Summary Session one: In this session, my class became familiar with the film students, went through an explanation of collaboration, and just got a general feel for the next semester. Session two: As a class we discussed the role of social media for collaboration, created a Padlet and wrote ideas regarding where we could go […]

Collaborative 1

How can social media be used to expand the audience and reach of a collaborative project? Use of relevant hashtags, such as ones that relate to your project, to increase your reach to target audience Asking friends to share or repost your work Pages created dedicated to project Create advertisements How can social media be […]

Project Type Case Study

Alex Buga Alex Buga is an interactive multimedia website that almost covers all parts of the Romanian designers work, such as personal photos, website design works, favorite songs, journals and blogs. The website’s layout is slightly unusual – his homepage includes random scattered images, that lead to links to his work you can click on when mouse is […]

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