investigative journalism

Identifying Material

The main element regarding the style of “Men in Media” is how conversational the video is. Iman Amrani, Guardian journalist, is a very down-to-earth woman, and the tone of the video is very relaxed. She appears in the first few seconds laid back on her couch, in loungewear, drinking from a mug. When the topic of the “ideal man” is put to her, she giggles in confusion, as if to say “Well, how the hell would I know?” Her informal self makes the video an easy watch, and has a great flow to it, despite the topic of the male beauty standard being a serious matter. Amrani is not remotely insensitive to the topic, and has the perfect balance between banter and intellect.

Story Ideas

Beauty Standard

In a world of diversity, why does this still exist? Has this changed in recent times? Have we as a society became better or worse regarding acceptance?

Gender Equality

Have trolls ruined the concept of feminism? Why are men still bashful about being feminists?

Corona Virus Blame

Are older people too quick to put the blame onto us? What are the rates of anti-maskers amongst young people? Do we really have a choice when it comes to “proper” social distancing?


How will we afford to live? Will we be able to live the lives we had planned to? Will Covid effect us forever?

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