individual project

P3 Identifying Stories

Active Story Idea’s:

Media’s impact on mental health.

“Cancel” culture.

Relevant topics no longer swept under the rug.

1. What did the Padlet exercise teach you about creating stories from a given topic?

By using the Padlet exercise, it taught me how to gather all of my thoughts, view them clearly, and figure out if they useful or useless. The visuals on the website are clear and allow you to easily distinguish, with the help of “likes” from others, if your idea is story worthy. By everyone sharing their thoughts, I learned how different people’s opinions on different subjects can vary, but how everyone’s ideas can fit into the same topic even if wildly different.

2. Describe how you approached it differently on the 2 occasions we used it.

The first time using the Padlet exercise, I jotted down every thought that came into my brain when I read the title of the topic. I did not pay too much attention to whether I would be able to obtain enough information on my ideas, and it felt more like a brainstorm than anything. The second time was more analytical. I distinguished between which of my ideas would fit the topic, and which would not. When I found an idea would not fit the topic, I crossed a line through it.

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