P3 Legal and Ethical

Lehrer’s Rules

Out of all of Lehrer’s rules, the only one I disagree with is number 9. The rule is “I am not in the entertainment business”. I understand the possible approach he may have taken with this rule – perhaps he was implying that as a journalist, his job was to inform with facts, not mislead by skewing the story to make it more “entertaining”. However, who would read a story if it weren’t for entertainment either way? No matter what the story is, there is always an audience for it, and always a way to grip the reader with your writing skills. Nobody wants to trawl through a story while yawning and scratching their head.

Defamation Defence’s

16. truth

It shall be a defence to a defamation action for the defendant to prove that the statement in respect of which the action was brought is true in all material respects. In a defamation action in respect of a statement containing 2 or more distinct allegations against the plaintiff, the defence of truth shall not fail by reason only of the truth of every allegation not being proved.

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