investigative journalism

P1 Secondary Research

1. Why blaming young people for the Covid-19 spike could backfire – Podcast by Stephen Reicher and Anushka Asthana, The Guardian (Blame)

2. Report: Young People and Covid – Siofra Mulqueen, Newstalk (Intro?)

3. It’s estimated that 45% of under-25s have been furloughed or laid off since the start of the crisis, compared to 25%-30% for older age groups – http://www.bbccom (NI) – not spreading in workplace and made aware of how real virus is (Pandemic Repercussions)

4. Of the 3,353 cases recorded national between September 7 and 20, 727 of those cases were in the age group. That’s 21.68% of all cases in Ireland. (as of September 22nd 2020) – (Health)

5. Younger people should be treated as part of the solution when it comes to stopping the spread of Covid-19 rather than the problem, according to experts and youth leaders. (Blame/Pandemic Repercussions)

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) professor of genetics Aoife McLysaght said her experience with students was that they display great self-awareness about Covid-19. – (Blame)

6. Minister Harris said there would always be people “who do stupid things” in reference to the scenes of revelry, but added that we should not lose sight of the fact that the majority of people are doing everything that has been asked of them – (Blame/People Breaking Restrictions)

7. Ireland has developed a “blame culture” around Covid-19 which is now focused on young people, the acting chief medical officer has said. – (Blame)

8. “We need to think about brunches, lunches, dinner parties and communions too. We have to be able to personalise the message and modify our behaviour,” said Dr Durcan. Dr Durcan also warned about “finger pointing” at young people when the majority had been “remarkably compliant”. (Blame/ OLDER people breaking restrictions)

9. Job insecurity, no ‘real’ college experience, the lack of a social life impacting on mental health; these are just some of the things young people are worried about because of the pandemic. – Irish Examiner (again, clearly made very aware of pandemic repercussions)

10. In the illuminating My World Survey, published by UCD and Jigsaw in November 2019, respondents were asked to name the aspects of their lives that brought them the most stress.

Alongside exams and finance, “the future” was among the top three most salient endorsed stressors for young adults. This bears thinking about. Though it may seem a world away, the Ireland of November 2019 was one in which most indicators of economic growth were strong, where unemployment was low, and where the country was often praised as a post-recession success story. (Pandemic Repercussions)






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