journalism and society

Journalism And Society P1, P2, M1

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News Ownership and Media Imperialism

Media Imperialism is the influence of mass-media upon different customs and cultures, unintentionally causing erasure of identity. An example of this would be a catchphrase being used in an American TV show beginning to become popular in smaller nations, such as Ireland.


PewDiePie is Swedish but uses American sounding phrases such as “frickin'” and “dudes”. As his videos progress, he develops an American accent – assumingly naturally, but this accent influences his 109 million subscribers to do the same.

His videos cut to mass-produced American video games, which cause a knock on effect of media imperialism.

Audience interaction – Starts nearly all videos with “Hey, what’s up bros? It’s PewDiePie.”

Like Nastya

“Like Nastya” is a young Russian girl, but uses an American accent while on camera and features American Franchise in her videos (e.g. Disney). This is a similar situation to PewDiePie, who also does the same. However, Nastya’s father features in many of her videos, which he occasionally speaks in his native language. “Like Nastya” is aimed at a younger generation, who are more easily influenced by the media.

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