Journalism and Society P5, P6, M3

Gatekeeping and News Selection

Gatekeeping is the act of someone taking control of who has access to certain information. This can be news related, community based or relating to your identity.

Gatekeeping can relate to some people believing they have a right to be the only people that have access to this.

Demographic: 16-19 year olds.

“Flooding in Cork, Kerry and other areas amid rain and wind warnings”

Relevant for those who live in these areas and need to travel etc.

“Donnelly clarifies remarks on school re-opening after earlier saying union talks remained outgoing”

Relevant as this age category may still be in secondary school

“Ireland is getting a new covid roadmap, but what’s happening in other countries now?”

Relevant to contributing to young people’s social life.

“Coronavirus – one death and 686 new cases confirmed in Ireland”

Links in with roadmap, again relating to young people’s social life.

“Screen Watch: your guide to the best TV movies this week”

As we are in lockdown, many young people rely on TV for entertainment.

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