journalism and society

Journalism and Society P1, P2 and M1

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  • News and Case Study

News definitions:

  1. A report of recent events
  2. Previously unknown information
  3. Material reported in a newspaper or newscast

News is information surrounding current events that informs the public, either written or orally. This can be carried out through citizen journalism, or professional journalism. (E.g. through a news presenter).

Letters to the Editor: Religion has no right to force itself on schoolkids – The Irish Examiner

Title in itself brings a negative image of religion by using word “force” – could offend those who take time and care to teach about subject and don’t believe they’re being forceful.

“The church had a distorted view of sexuality that seemed obsessive” – The Irish Times

Although I believe this to be true, I can imagine some of those passionate about the church to argue with this as they believe it as a personal attack on them (reminds me of “not all men” mentality)

“It seems that we may have been good Catholics, but we were not such good Christians” ” Bishop of Achrony Paul Dempsey

Blurred line between meanings of both? Not sure if particularly “sensitive”, but definitely confusing.

The sketch, which was part of the broadcaster’s New Year’s Eve countdown show, portrayed a mock news report in which God was arrested for sexual harassment.” – NI Humanists on RTE sketch

The sketch centers around blasphemy, which is a criminal offence in NI and came across as hugely intensive to viewers to see God in such a distasteful light.

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