Journalism and Society P3, P4

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News and case study

Story Topic: GameStop Stock Shares

  • “Bankers targeting a company to short it i.e destroy it should be banned….not the normal guy who is against it.” – The Sun

This comment is against the idea of those who work with money should not be contributing to these shares, as ultimately it will destroy the company.

  • “Another article that doesn’t tell the truth that the real reason is because hedge funds illegally shorted GameStop 140%” – The Independent

Again, this person is not happy with the level of shares arising in GameStop. They don’t think the media is telling the full truth, and believe the occurrences are illegal and ultimately going to end in failure.

  • “I’m a terribly simple soul I know…. but in my view selling something that not only is not yours to sell but, in fact, doesn’t exist, on the hope you can buy it back cheaper later is…. what’s the word…. fraud? Yes that’s it… it’s fraud.” – BBC

This comment is blunt with their beliefs. They insist that this is fraudulent behavior.

  • All articles surrounding the recent soar in GameStop Stock Shares including comments following one common theme – skepticism.
  • The majority of The Sun, The Independent and BBC’s reader’s appear to believe that the trend of investing your money into the stock market surrounds itself with fraudulent activity.
  • I get the feeling from the comments that the reason they went as far as commenting was down to the purpose of wanting to raise awareness.

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