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YouTube has had a positive impact on journalism, particularly in the sense of citizen journalism. With a platform like this, it is easy for an aspiring journalist to sit down and produce content that suits them and their style. An example of this is Eleanor Neale, a true crime content producer, who uploads herself speaking on these cases from her bedroom based on her subscribers requests.

As well as this, many people prefer the alternative of watching/listening to a news story as opposed to reading about it. YouTube is a solid platform for this, as many news channels upload their content onto it afterwards. An example of this is CNN, who post their highlights onto the platform. Their account is verified, making it reliable for the media consumer.

While the opportunity for citizen journalists is great, this of course comes with its risks. Fake news is easily spread by YouTube, and many times can appear believable. This is due to being able to see the journalist’s facial expressions, reading their body movements and hearing their tone of voice, and can lead to potentially dangerous situations.

YouTube comment sections can turn negative very quickly. This can be disheartening for journalists, and many channels keep their comment sections off for this reason.

YouTube has impacted the public discourse in the sense that many of us are now oversaturated and desensitized to disturbing content. As the platform is mostly free reign until it is reported to a moderator, many people stumble across content that is gruesome (e.g. Bolivia University Accident, where 7 students fell through their schools railing.)

Source: Video shows moment balcony collapses at Bolivia university, killing seven students | The Independent

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