Blog Task

Positives of comment sections:

  1. Gives a raw and honest view of the general public regarding news stories, without the “filter” of the media
  2. Validates the reader’s opinion for them if they did not feel validated already. Strength in numbers makes their opinion feel more powerful.
  3. A chance to engage with those who feel similar to you about certain subjects, or learn the opposing view of others.

Negatives of comment sections:

  1. Encourages internet trolling, which can be harmful to the victim’s mental health.
  2. Can be biased – people may base their opinions off of what others feel.
  3. May lead to disputes if the person is passionate about how they feel

Do the audience have the right to comment on pieces of journalism?
Do comments change what and how journalists write?

Yes. Without the public, there would be no journalism.

Some journalists, if not entirely confident in their work, may feel upset and disheartened by negative comments. As well as this, they may feel nervous to work on a story if they have previously seen comments from another source receiving hate.

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