journalism and society

Blog Task

Discuss the professional, social, and practical contexts of journalism, through historical and contemporary precedents.

Discuss the development of online video journalism.

In 1994, The Daily Telegraph became the first news provider to go digital. In 1998, the Drudge Report released the first big scoop online with a story on Monica Lewinsky. In 1999, a software called Blogger was released by Pyra Labs. This encouraged an increase digital citizen journalism.

Source:  41 key moments in the history of online journalism {now 45} – have I missed any? | Online Journalism Blog

What impact did it have on traditional providers?​

Did they change?​

Traditional journalism took a hit when news apps for smartphones and tablets were introduced. Many news sources were now free at the click of a button. As well as this, news became quicker to release into the public, as separate blog posts could be made, as opposed to having to publish a full news paper.

Source: Advantages of online news services – The Information Age (

Who are the main providers of online journalism?​

Why are they top of the pile?​

1 News Corp. 2 The New York Times Company 3 Tribune Media Co. 4 Daily Mail and General Trust plc 5 E. W. Scripps 6 Gannett Co. Inc. 7 Daily Journal Corporation 8 A. H. Belo Corporation 9 The McClatchy Company

 Source: World’s 10 most powerful news outlets – Mental Daily

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