Collaborative Project

Project Type Case Study

person writing on white paper

Alex Buga

Alex Buga is an interactive multimedia website that almost covers all parts of the Romanian designers work, such as personal photos, website design works, favorite songs, journals and blogs.

The website’s layout is slightly unusual – his homepage includes random scattered images, that lead to links to his work you can click on when mouse is hovered over. At the top of the page, his work is divided into sections, that feel conversational and relaxed, making the user want to explore. (E.g., “making stuff”, “awesome”.) The user can click freely on different sections to check out any information they wish.


HiFly is a leading airline, who’s multimedia website contributes to them standing out from the crowd. Their homepage is simple – a plane animation giving the option to explore the fleet fills the centre of the page. To the right, a section including content such as their services, sustainability and media centre is easy to access. This simple yet effective layout makes organizing flying, something that causes stress to many, easy and straightforward.

The multimedia website includes aircraft models, introduction videos, and small animations make it a pleasant website to visit.


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