Roles and Responsibilities

white printer paper beside silver laptop computer

Roles in team: Research and Marketing/distribution

For the research team, I see this as finding all relevant facts through different resources, such as different websites, books and even people. I would use my research skills I have acquired through the last year of my course. This involves looking deeply into necessary requirements of my project. During year one, I researched through websites, books and interviewees to gain all relevant knowledge for different tasks, mainly in writing articles.

For when I had initially put myself forward for the Marketing/Distribution team, I would see this task as promoting and projecting my project, perhaps through outlets, such as social media. Social media’s include my journalism based twitter, my personal Instagram and Facebook. Catchy phrases and designs could be used to design pieces relevant to my work. Marketing and distribution is important regarding networking for your work, as it makes people of relevance aware of what you want to produce.

At the end, if my team produced a well rounded piece of work, with all required targets reached that we enjoyed to make in the process, I would feel we as a team have been successful in our efforts .

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