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User Generated Content Case Study

It Ends With Us is a romance novel written by Colleen Hoover. The reader follows the story of Lily Bloom and her suspicious lover Ryle Kincaid and we learn of her past, her broken home and her struggles in an abusive relationship. Although this novel was released in 2016, it’s popularity has recently circulated on the well-known video sharing app TikTok. With the app having the target audience of mainly teenagers, and Colleen Hoover’s novel being aimed at the same, the correlation between the two makes perfect sense. At time of writing, #ItEndsWithUs has 391.1M views on TikTok through so many users engaging in the craze of Hoover’s romance novel. Short video’s surrounding the book fall under many different types of videos. One video, with 568.3K likes, compares the book to a song by the overnight stardom Olivia Rodrigo. This benefits both the author and the artist to have associations with eachother, as both have a similar target audience of young people. Another trending video includes people reacting to quotes from the characters. This gains a sense of community in the TikTok comment section – people add their own favorites, react to others and like another’s comments. It is a major trend under #BookTok, in which users of the TikTok app post their favourite reads and is also a way for fellow readers to find their next book to get stuck into. The book being popular on this hashtag is beneficial, due to people now being extremely familiar with the cover, the title, the gist of the plot and the authors name.

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