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An ad that commonly appears across YouTube is JustEat, a popular takeaway service. I have noticed this ad appear in video form before a video. This ad usually includes eye-catching images, such as people sitting down together in front of a TV enjoying appealing food items and soft drinks, along with their catchy slogan “Did somebody say Just Eat?”

This ad is efficient to those who are living in a generation where it is hard to keep your focus on one thing – people tend to watch Tv while scrolling on their phones, and similarly want to be occuiped by food before sitting down to watch a video. As well as this, lenghty YouTube videos often include ads in between. This is perfect for the target audience of those who are perhaps sitting down to watch a longer video, e.g. a documentary, and want a quick and easy takeaway to accompany them. I engage with these ads by going back to them in my head every time im watching a YouTube video, as well as their slogan being stuck in my head.

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