Social Media Practice

Brand Awareness and Customer Engagement: Gaming

Pewdiepie – Swedish 32 year old gaming influencer who rose to fame on YT

77M+ YT subs

20.2M+ insta followers

16.5M+ Twitter followers

A popular YT streamer, his channel has grown into the most-viewed channel on all of YouTube, and has gained 19 billion views at time of writing. His fans see him as a valued partner in their own gaming adventures. As a result, his fame has helped to drive the success of numerous indie games, (e.g. Happy Wheels), with the sales of various games having surged as soon as he plays them.

Being proclaimed as the most famous social media influencer of all time, it’s no shock that many brands have teamed up with PewDiePie for their influencer marketing campaigns. At time of writing, he has worked with the likes of Razer and Origin PC, helping to increase awareness of their brand with gamers across the world.

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