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Citizen Journalism – Impact of Lockdown on Average Person’s Mental Health

The year of 2020 will be one to remember – but not in the roaring 20’s way one might have hoped. The Covid-19 pandemic effecting everyone worldwide was one that raised concerns – not only for physical health, but mental health, too.

The negative effect of lockdown – the period in which one had to isolate with the virus, or act as though they were contagious was most commonly identified as the lack of social interaction. In a survey ran by Hays across 1,700 people across Ireland, 31% of people felt this, followed by isolation/loneliness (12%) and boredom (10%).

As well as these factors, the implications of job loss was a major blow to people’s stability. Studies have found that people who are out of a job have lower levels of happiness than the general population as opposed to those employed. In 2020, when lockdown was at it’s peak, almost half the adult population (47 per cent) have had their employment circumstances changed due to the pandemic, according to a report from the CSO.

After spending so long indoors, many people suffered from “re-entry syndrome” when attempting to return to normal life. This is an anxiety surrounding adjusting back to socializing, that one 2020 study found was similar feelings to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This was a case of people becoming to used to being away from people, that it made them terrified to leave the house.

As seen above, mental health during the lockdowns was nothing to avoid conversation about – the negative impacts were very real. However, it is now 2 years on from the beginning of the pandemic, and things are slowly but surely returning to how they were before. While this is relieving for some, it has proven equally as scary for others.

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