Social Media Practice

Key Concepts of Social Media

1- Consistently produce on-brand content that appeals to target audience.

As a businesses, it is key to consistently create content that appeals to their consumers in order to keep their interest and to reel in new customers. It must be fresh, informative to their audience and appealing. This is in order to keep the brand and business afloat financially. One business in particular that does this well is BooHoo. As a clothing company, BooHoo advertise their clothes on social media depending on current trends (e.g. the recent “tennis skirt” surge) and the season (e.g. Christmas time). They also collab with relevant celebs in order to increase their popularity and share images of them wearing their clothes (e.g. Noah Cyrus)

2. Design, Manage, implement, asses the success of Social Media strategies.

Pixar, a successful animation company in itself, follows suit with a successful social media presence. Their Instagram consists of 8.5 million followers. Their feed consists of a mixture of still from movies of your favorite characters, fan art that Pixar have a chance of reposting if their account is tagged, and hashtags of relevance to the times (e.g. Carl and Ellie from Up, captioned with #WorldBookDay.) Their Twitter has an even higher following of 11.9 million, in which the same content is shared to. This is effective use of social media as it is relevant to the target audience of Pixar lovers, while staying on trend with life outside of the animated world.

3. Foster links between brand and community they’re trying to create.

TikTok has created an amazing sense of community across the globe. This is down mostly to trending sounds, in which all users can comment on and create videos with their own interpretation. Hulu, a video streaming service, does not provide this same feeling as 15 second sounds do not “trend”, nor can people comment or make their own. If a TikTok sound is referenced in person, it is assured that multiple people will understand the context.

4. Link Brand to aspirational opinion leaders.

Molly Mae is the brand ambassador of Beauty Works, who is the perfect type of person for this brand. This is because Molly Mae is a beauty blogger with her own line of beauty products, such as a curling wand and an instant tan lotion. Her good looks and own interest in this line of work make her appealing to to their target audience.

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