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Mi Wadi Media Campaign

Strength one: A strength of my social media campaign is how the brand is well-known to an Irish household. As MiWadi has already established themselves over the years outside of social media, the name and brand itself is not something that needs to be put out there through social media presence alone. The household favorite aspect is an advantage.

Strength two: Giveaway’s and competitions are a major aspect in growing social media platforms, and my idea of using prizes targeted towards Gen Z means that it will gain traction to an audience that is social media driven. These include trendy items, such as vouchers and concert tickets

Strength three: The aesthetic appeal of the Instagram feed I want to achieve makes it easy on the eye for audiences to scroll through. This means people will be more likely to stay on the page longer and are more likely to interact with likes, comments, shares and follows.

Weakness one: As MiWadi has always been aimed towards families and not Gen Z, it runs the risk that the new target audience consumption will flop. Although unlikely, the chance that it would simply not appeal is always there.

Weakness two: The main competitor, RIbena, is a brand that is also major in the U.K., and MiWadi is only big in Ireland. This is an automatic disadvantage in perspective of worldwide traction.

Weakness three: With MiWadi having zero TikTok or Twitter presence, starting totally from scratch in a world where everyone is already connected may prove difficult. It will be a challenge to gain followers.

Introduction: MiWadi is an Irish squash brand, which since it’s introduction in 1927 has became a household name.
It’s variants range from the more common flavours of orange, blackcurrant and apple, to more exotic flavours of lemon, lime and tropical. In 2018, MiWadi reached a record market share of 62 percent. About 16.5 million litres of MiWadi are consumed each year across Ireland.

As a company with major success across the country, the need for a sufficient social media presence seems obvious, due to MiWadi being so well known.
Although a familiar brand that comes with nostalgia, the brands social media presence is relatively weak. Their instagram following is 2.7k, ranging from 5-15 likes per post. Their twitter presence is seemingly non – existent, with a “restricted account” warning when one tries to access it. They have no TikTok presence. The cordial company has a huge potential for Irish TikTok, as most people grew up with the brand around the house or served at parties. TikTok is aimed at young people, who would understand the brand and be familiar with it. A similar style to RyanAir’s TikTok, which includes humorous skits surrounding the brand, is possible.

If MiWadi were to up their game regarding their social media presence, the company’s name would reach worldwide. Although a classic “Irish” brand, those who live abroad would become aware and form interest in the hype surrounding the product if they were unfamiliar before. Another selling point would be the comfort for those who have perhaps moved away from the country, and would find joy in what they remember from their Irish childhood.

Brand Voice and Values:


At present, the brand is taking an upbeat, family friendly approach across Instagram. Their recent posts show this, and contains content as follows:

A stock photo of young family with children watching a movie together, with the MiWadi logo in the corner. However, no MiWadi in the picture is being drank, which I found odd regarding advertisement.

Bottles of MiWadi with St. Patrick’s day clipart attached to the picture (leprechaun hats, shamrocks)

A giveaway with prizes including pencils, a pencil case and a notebook, all with MiWadi logo. This would be aimed very much towards young school children, in which parents would likely enter on their behalf. The competition has 275 entrants (apply by tagging a friend in the comments), but considering the level of MiWadi consumption this number has the potential to be much higher.


The brand values are reflected by the brand voice: they want to be seen as a positive, family friendly company, which they achieved over the years of business they’ve been in. They want consumers to feel like they can rely on this brand, and the family unit approach is to give the feeling of being relatable – MiWadi is a convenience drink, and steers children away from sweet drink alternatives such as Coca-Cola, 7up and Fanta (all of which are very high in sugar). While this approach is fine, judging from their lack of social media interaction, it is becoming dated when it comes to digital platforms. This makes sense, as social media is driven by Gen Z, who is not the company’s current target audience. Those who are over the age of approx. 40 years old commonly lack social media knowledge and skills, and are less likely to interact on business posts as opposed to a tech savvy member of Gen Z.

However, I feel that Gen Z could be MiWadi’s new best friend if their social media was catered more towards them, such as how their competitor Ribena has done.

The brand goes by the catchphrase: “It’s not your wadi, it’s Mi Wadi”. So, who’s Wadi is it?

Competitor Analysis

Ribena is MiWadi’s main competitor as a fellow cordial brand.
Insta – 12.2k followers. Ribena have a colour scheme on their feed of the brands signature colour purple, representing blackcurrant. The also use the tool of minimalism in their pictures. (E.G. An aesthetically pleasing bottle and cup of Ribena, against a white table, surrounded by white and purple petals.) (Alternatives to using Ribena as a classic watered down drink – shows Ribena added to a colourful breakfast smoothie, or mixed in with the trendy acai bowel that fitness gurus are often seen consuming). This is eye catching and pleasant to scroll through. It comes across as more organised in comparison to MiWadi, who’s feed is full of stock images and clip art. Important to note that Ribena’s chosen feed also appeals to EVERYONE, being inclusive of a younger generation, not just aimed at families with young children to give the sense of play, like MiWadi have chosen to do.
Twitter – 18.4k followers. Once again have taken the approach that Ribena is for everyone to enjoy, not just children. Their bio includes #FridayNightIn and encourages people to drink sparkling Ribena, insinuating this as an alcoholic alternative. I think this approach is incredibly smart, as it is not an approach you would expect, yet remains appropriate to promote. Their Twitter feed is almost identical to their Instagram, containing the same pictures and captions. Their Instagram engagement is higher than their Twitter, and I believe this is because constant posting of photos is more appropriate for Instagram. (200-300 likes per Insta post, approx. 10 per tweet.)

TikTok – No account, but engagement from fans of product in videos (Taste tests, drink combos etc.) Although this isn’t much, it’s still getting the conversation going.

As Ribena is a brand that stretches over to the UK – whereas MiWadi is only sold in Ireland – I am aware that this direct competition is a hard one to rival in theory. However, as MiWadi is a cheaper alternative, has more varieties of flavour and is more familiar to an Irish household, these factors have an advantage from a local perspective and would contribute to a social media page. If MiWadi ran their social media accordingly, Ribena would have a serious competition.

SM Platform selection

As stated previously, MiWadi’s social media presence is weak across multiple platforms.
I would be interested in tackling their Instagram initially, as they already have some sort of following and presence. I want to change their style of posts from disorganised, messy clip art and stock photos to colour co-ordinated, thought through and aesthetically pleasing hand taken images. Suggesting alternatives to MiWadi, showing that it’s more than it just being a drink the typical Irish family would store in the press, could be a great selling point – right now there is nothing unique about their page. Suggestions include:

Promoting the drink as “the designated driver” – alcoholic alternative

In contrast, showing the drink as “the hangover cure”.

People on fitness journeys adding a drop of sugarfree MiWadi to their litre of water in the gym, such as the motivational water bottle.

Next, once this is underway, I want to tackle their twitter. This can be used similarly, if not almost the same as their instagram. A humorous approach would be interesting to take (e.g. making jokes towards Ribena ribena professionally) in order to encourage retweets and engagement from consumers.
TikTok would be a platform I would like to take on because it is full of the new target audience I want to achieve of young people. I would show different clips of people enjoying MiWadi and sharing it with their friends. As this is aimed at young people, I would love to get Irish TikTokers such as Miriam Mullins or Lauren Whelan to promote the product to their followers.

User types

Social butterfly/influencer – increase popularity of product by promotion across multiple platforms (insta, twitter, facebook), give “cooler” and “trendier” image of product, contrasting from PG family vibe, promote accordingly to new up and coming audience of younger people.

Family guy – mi wadi a family drink, and will always be a family drink at heart – it has driven their success over the years. Although I would like to see the brand aimed at a younger audience such as Gen Z who would feed off the nostalgic element, I don’t believe it is necessary for the family image to be dropped entirely. There is family based advertisement as a convenience drink – inexpensive and sold at local stores for busy parents who don’t have time to look around and go with what they’re familiar with.

Listener – older generations who are familiar with the brand but wouldn’t interact as much with SM, would recognize the brand from shops or even have bought product themselves, busy families would be more interested in “getting stuff done” regarding purchasing, instead of liking commenting etc.

7 Day Content Calendar

Scheduling tool of choice – Woorise for Instagram

Giveaways & Contests

A major element to this website is that it helps form giveaways, contests and competitions. This tool gathers entries and encourages those interacting to engage with you.

Easy to use. The Website is straight forward and prompts you what to click next, with a clear layout on the screen.

This website will help Miwadi post more frequently and will give them more of a straightforward outlook, instead of posting random things all over the place.

Grow your social media followers – Professionalism will increase followers and people will be more drawn to the brand.

It’s free to sign up to – it’s not costly unlike many other similar websites.

Short term and long term objectives – 28 day plan

My short term goals regarding the content calendar would be:

To increase my follower count by approx. 500 per week, or even depending on what competition prize is being used at the time. During the concert ticket release, I would aim for at least 500, but during a regular week I would hope to increase my following by 150 through engagement alone.

To increase MiWadi’s all round engagement, particularly focusing on their likes and comments. On a regular post to start, I would like to get up to 30 comments per post and 250 likes. This is particularly lacking at present, so I believe this would make a huge impact to the company by actually having interaction and opinions from their consumers.

To appear organised and well put together online through putting out an image that MiWadi isn’t just for families with young kids, its for everyone.

My long term goals regarding the content calendar would be:

Once the deep dive is taken into one expensive competition prize being used to attract entries, this reflects well on MiWadi and makes them a company that people want to be seen and be involved with. In turn, this would attract fellow companies to the brand who would sponsor MiWadi by giving them a freebie or discounted item to give away. In turn, the other company would benefit by MiWadi getting their name out there and promoting them. It’s a win win situation.

After 4 weeks, I would love to see 5000 – 6000 new followers by using this method of attracting customers through quality posting and decent prizes.

Show the competition who’s boss. Miwadi has been in the shadow of Ribena regarding their social media for too long – it’s time for MiWadi to match them and gain the same amount of traction they have, or even more.

28 day content plan

The 28 day content plan would consist of the 7 day one being done out weekly. For this plan to work, consistency is key. MiWadi must stick to whatever they plan out to do per week in order for everything to run smoothly. A giveaway per week would be amazing, even if the prizes are varied (one week a more costly prize such as a 50 euro One4All voucher being given away, the next week a hoodie with the MiWadi logo on it.) The overall goal is to increase engagement by getting MiWadi’s name out there!

Customer engagement plan

 Competitions with prizes aimed at Gen Z (concert tickets, vouchers etc.) where people have to follow, share and tag a friend would be ideal. At current, the bare minimum of tagging a friend isn’t getting the company enough media attention. Sharing the post on your story, however, shares the profile and gains much more media attention as everyone who views your story would see it. Even better if they’re interested in the prizes, and want to learn more.

As well as this, MiWadi could keep to giving away prizes with their own logo on it. My feeling is that people would be interested in items more worthwhile trying to win than a notebook and a pen. Items such as hoodies, t-shirts and totebags tend to go down well when up for grab’s in online compeititions, so these including the MiWadi logo are a good idea.

Analytics and analysis

Followerwonk is a platform that allows it’s users to find out info about their following, such as their age range, gender, location and what time they are most active online. For analytics, this would be my preference to use, but it is particularly catered towards twitter.

Brand awareness: Brand awareness is crucial for MiWadi in order to let them know of the attention theyrre attracting across their SM platforms. With brand awareness, MiWadi will be concious of their audience growth (how much theyre gaining or losing), how many people have consumed their content since uploaded, and how many of their followers is their content reaching for interaction.

Engagement metrics: This is to measure how many people are feeling good about MiWadi’s content and how this is reflected in their responses (likes, retweets etc). Posts are amplified by other accounts sharing the content. It is also important to consider the ratio as who is sharing the posts compared to how many saw the post in turn.

Conversion metrics: This is often the trickiest part to get people to agree to as a genuine interest in the brand is needed. People often feel they don’t have time to sign up for things e.g. newsletters. Bounce rate is also important. This refers to how many people click onto your page and click back out again quickly. Due to MiWadi’s current situation, they would have a high bounce rate, but hopefully this will all change.

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