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Positives of comment sections: Gives a raw and honest view of the general public regarding news stories, without the “filter” of the media Validates the reader’s opinion for them if they did not feel validated already. Strength in numbers makes their opinion feel more powerful. A chance to engage with those who feel similar to […]

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YouTube has had a positive impact on journalism, particularly in the sense of citizen journalism. With a platform like this, it is easy for an aspiring journalist to sit down and produce content that suits them and their style. An example of this is Eleanor Neale, a true crime content producer, who uploads herself speaking […]

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Discuss the professional, social, and practical contexts of journalism, through historical and contemporary precedents. Discuss the development of online video journalism. In 1994, The Daily Telegraph became the first news provider to go digital. In 1998, the Drudge Report released the first big scoop online with a story on Monica Lewinsky. In 1999, a software called Blogger was released […]

Journalism and Society P7, P8 and M4

Ethics and Censorship Unethical Journalism: New York Times apologizes for ‘insensitive’ language in Berkeley article – The Irish Times The New York Times broke the code of ethics in a report written 24 hours after the Berkeley balcony collapse tragedy, where a group of Irish teenagers lost their lives. In the article, offense to the […]

Journalism and Society P1, P2 and M1

News and Case Study News definitions: A report of recent events Previously unknown information Material reported in a newspaper or newscast News is information surrounding current events that informs the public, either written or orally. This can be carried out through citizen journalism, or professional journalism. (E.g. through a news presenter). Letters to the Editor: […]


The Right to Privacy Definitions The right to privacy refers to the concept that one’s personal information is protected from public scrutiny.  The right of a person to be free from intrusion into or publicity concerning matters of a personal nature. The right to privacy is the necessity of being able to keep certain aspects […]

Journalism and Society P3, P4

News and case study Story Topic: GameStop Stock Shares “Bankers targeting a company to short it i.e destroy it should be banned….not the normal guy who is against it.” – The Sun This comment is against the idea of those who work with money should not be contributing to these shares, as ultimately it will […]

Journalism and Society P5, P6, M3

Gatekeeping and News Selection Gatekeeping is the act of someone taking control of who has access to certain information. This can be news related, community based or relating to your identity. Gatekeeping can relate to some people believing they have a right to be the only people that have access to this. Demographic: 16-19 year […]

Journalism and Society P3, P4, M2

Checks and Balances 374/2020 – A Family and The Irish Times The Irish Times released an article surrounding those who have passed from the Corona Virus. The article named four patients who had passed. The child of one of those who had passed wrote to the paper. They stated that they had not given permission […]

Journalism And Society P1, P2, M1

News Ownership and Media Imperialism Media Imperialism is the influence of mass-media upon different customs and cultures, unintentionally causing erasure of identity. An example of this would be a catchphrase being used in an American TV show beginning to become popular in smaller nations, such as Ireland. PewDiePie PewDiePie is Swedish but uses American sounding […]


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